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COMMENCE DATE: 06 21, 2013

END TIME: JUNE twenty-eight, 2013














• What is a Hard drive Operating System?

• History

• Internal and External Instructions

• Pros and cons of Disk Operating System • Directory Commands


After that lesson, the students would be capable:

• To define what exactly Disk Main system.

• To be aware of the internal and exterior commands and its functions. • To know a brief history of 2 and the directory site commands.. • To be able to separate external and internal orders.


What is a drive operating system?

Is short for " Drive Operating System. " DOS was the first working systemВ used byВ IBM-compatibleВ computers. It is a strong, low-level operating-system that controls and supervises how courses run on your personal computer. DOS provides instructions to the computer to interpret components input to your keyboard and mouse. It offers print control and works with other connected hardware. В DOS uses a command word line, or text-based user interface, that allows the user to type commands.

DOS is a single-user, single-task computer os with a order line program. It's among the best operating systems regardless of its simpleness and tiny size. The most popular and traditionally used version with the DOS family members operating systems can be MS-DOS, or perhaps Microsoft Hard drive Operating System. It can be still incorporated with Windows, although is operate from the Home windows operating system rather than the other way around. The DOS command word prompt can be opened in Windows by opting for " Run... " from the Start Menu and typingВ cmd.

The key function of DOS:

1 . DOS translate the command granted of the end user in the file format that is realized by the computer system to implement it, likewise error message in the structure for the user to understand. installment payments on your Manage hard drive files.

several. Allocate system resources according to the requirement.


In the beginning, there is darkness, and also you migth be forgiven pertaining to thinking the IBM COMPUTER. There were actiually computers prior to Big Blue came for the scene and place the market standard. Most microcomputers, that were universally acknowledged as the future of the industry were 8-bits abd ran by Operating System CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) was an 8-bit, single tasking, ancient OS produced by Digital Research, whowould later on produce DR-DOS or Concurrent DOS, major PC multi-tasking OS to get the IBM compatible COMPUTER. Since the fresh IBM LAPTOP OR COMPUTER was made up mainly of recent 16-bit architecture based on Intel's 8086 Central Processing Device, which featured a whole 4 16-bit general registers, and clocked in at 5. 77 Megahertz, it neede a new 16-bit OS. Legend has it IBM, seeking to procure a 16-bit Operating-system for their new PC delivered a abordnung to negotiate over Digital Research in producing an OS intended for the new PC. Logically, Gary Kildall, who owns DR chosen to fly his plane instead of meet with IBM. Another tale suggests that APPLE grew sick and tired of Mrs. Kildall's constant demands and discussions. For whatever reason, unfamiliar to all however the IBM staff and mister Kildall, APPLE did not obtain CP/M for his or her new machine. Contemporary thoughts and opinions was split wether APPLE would develop its own Operating System or outsource. Again a large number of a legend exists as to the reasons, nevertheless most likely as a result of time restrictions and the financial stress of developing and producing the modern PC, APPLE searched for an OS from outside. Buying a CP/M like Operating System, IBM found Microsoft company and owner and developer, Bill Entrance. Microsoft, currently, was well known in sector circle as being a great boss, who had helped bring several fresh ideas to the scene. Gate's and Microsoft's biggest...


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