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 ais home work 1 Essay

CHAPTER ONE: Accounting Info Systems as well as the Accountant CONVERSATION QUESTIONS:

several. Advances in IT probably have a relentless impact on monetary accounting. Exactly what are some changes you think will occur in the way in which financial info is accumulated, processed, and communicated as a result of increasingly superior IT? Advancements in THIS that let transactions to become captured right away, accountants as well as the VOLIGE itself can produce financial claims almost in real-time. Online data provides for information to become reused and carried seamlessly among many different applications or reports. four. XBRL is usually emerging since the language that is to be used to generate interactive info that financial managers can use in interaction. How do you believe the use of online data may enhance the benefit of a business financial statements?

It will permit the data to get used among programs, permitting faster gain access to and computations, meaning that the business can quickly prepare financial claims at any time. a few. Discuss shady activity revealing. For example , do you consider that such reporting could be a legal requirement, or should it be just and ethical matter? Do you think that almost all SAR activity is illegitimate, or are these kinds of mostly fake alarms?

SAR laws now require accountancy firm to statement questionably monetary transactions for the U. T. Department of Treasury. It ought to be a legal requirement because of the ease of committing scam through an AIS and the reality it can be used as being a deterrent. Almost all of the activity is probably false alarms, but it is way better to be safe than sorry. 6th. Managerial accounting is influenced by IT in several ways, including enhancing CPM. How will you think a university might be able to use a scorecard or dashboard approach to operate more effectively?

The scorecard and dashboard way allow a university in order to and assess the functionality of its activities and match it against its ideal values. It can trace unfavorable performance in order to correct that. This ensures the school has good internal regulates as well. The dashboard enables it to become easier to understand given there are many elements/departments in a university. several. Look once again at the list of assurance solutions shown in Figure 1-9. Can you think about other assurance services that CPA's can offer which would take advantage of all their AIS encounter?

They could offer an assurance/IT help for those and their AISs and computers. They can vouch for complying with businesses or other companies that might are exposed to them, as in to recommend them. That they could offer a " seal of approval. ” 12. This chapter stressed the importance of IT pertaining to understanding how AISs operate. Although is this the only skill respected by employers? How important do you think analytical considering skills or perhaps writing expertise are? Discuss.

No . Because AISs will be complex, deductive skills are essential to make decisions and figure out whatsoever is needed. Publishing skills are very important to conversation and also coding AISs. Both these skills are extremely valued by employers. A well-rounded mixture would make an excellent candidate in accounting/IT areas. PROBLEMS

14. a. AAA – American Accounting Association

b. HURUF – Activity Based Priced at

c. AICPA – American Institute of Certified Community Accountants

deb. AIS – Accounting Information Systems

elizabeth. CFO – Certified Financial Officer

farreneheit. CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor

g. CITP- Certified Information Technology Professional

h. CPA – Certified Public Accountant

i actually. CPM – Corporate Overall performance Measurement

j. ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING – Enterprise Resource Planning

k. FASB – Economic Accounting Requirements Board

t. HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Responsibility Act

m. ISACA – Information Systems Audit and Control Affiliation

n. THAT – Information Technology

o. KPI – Key Performance Indications

p. OSC -

q. PATRIOT Act -- Uniting and Strengthening...


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