Amway Marketing Max

 Amway Advertising Max Dissertation

The amway is the one of the company on the globe who is offering the products which can be helpful to the people in residence in commercical foe personal and many other component. But in the india ther are so many individual that are very poor and he has no residence but some individual that are abundant and his salary per month is 14000 they are using the amway products however the others will be donot make use of the amway bproducts because they are meet with the various other products mainly because they all are using last some years ago so amway goods are not greatly using inside the india if amway several change for his item place and price thus ther may be possible to increase in the profit. There are the 4 ps of the company these are as follows



Item and


These are the 4ps with the amway these are common for all the marketing maix for the company. In the amway company 4ps are provide the advice intended for the diet food and many other products. Product: -

In the amway you will find the different types of the items these are as follows. Nutrition and wellness.


home care.

personal attention.

commercial goods.

These are the all the amway products in this ther are the different kinds just like that Nutrition and wellness

2. Food extra

* foodstuff

* assorted health and fitness


* attitude

* products

Home attention

* laundry care

2. apparel proper care

* household cleaners

* glass and mettle cares

* more…….

Personal care

2. hair care products

* dental care products

5. body and skin care products

* family maintenance systems

* more……….

Commercial products

5. agriculture items

the amway firm is


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