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Probably the most diverse and unique spots on Earth is definitely the Galapagos Islands, these destinations are home to an variety of intriguing and beautiful grow and wildlife. The Galapagos Islands are where Charles Darwin created his theory evolution and natural collection; this is because there is certainly an variety of evidence that shows that the organisms living on these kinds of islands have got evolved from prehistoric organisms. Regrettably human attack and nonnative animals will be seriously affecting the ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands; if perhaps something is not really done regarding the problems influencing the islands soon we will suffer many species of plants and animals to extinction. Vegetation from the Galapagos Islands originate from other places. The islands were created millions of years ago from volcanos under the ocean. Seeds were brought by birds soaring over, blowing wind and normal water. 99% of plant life on the Islands comes from South America. There are numerous types of plant life living on the Galapagos Islands. You will find 7 different types of vegetation specific zones on the island destinations; (a) The Littoral Zone

(b) The Arid Area

(c) The Transition Area

(d) The Scalesia Region

(e) The Brown Sector

(f) The Miconia Region

(g) The Pampa (Fern) Zone

Vegetation is very abundant in the Galapagos Islands, a number of the most common and unique plant life of the Galapagos Islands are; mangroves, cacti, tiquilia forest and the scalesia. * Mangroves cover the coastal area of the islands the most typical are reddish mangroves. They have a reddish real wood with dark green and light yellow leaves and yellow flowers. 2. Cacti are common; the most common is a prickly pear cacti which have yellow bouquets that develop into orange-red fruit. These are eaten by Terrain Iguanas and Tortoises. 5. Scalesia have yellow flowers and are relevant to daisys, they may have adapted and can live in an extremely dry an environment. There are 20 different kinds of scalesia that develop the Galapagos Islands. The Scalesia possess significantly reduced in number due the pigs and goats eating them. These animals are certainly not native for the Islands the Scalesia flower could very well disappear if action is certainly not taken to take away non-native family pets from the destinations. * Tiquilia plant grows in sandy areas and is also a woody herb which has dull gray coloring. Additionally there is a great deal of pet life that produces the Galapagos Islands thus unique, Charles Darwin put in much time there studying flower and dog life. This is when Darwin researched his finches, some of the renowned animal your life from the Galapagos Islands will be; * Tortoise- These are large creatures divided into 14 sub-species. Three of the 14 types of tortoises are now vanished, 11 types remain. Tortoises have been placed on the decreasing in numbers species list. They have been wiped out off simply by hunters that hunted them for food in the 17th, 18th and 19th hundreds of years (National Geographic) and now need to share food and preserve their ovum from varieties that have been taken to the island and are also nonnative's for the island, they are animals including pigs, pups, cats, mice, goats and cattle. 5. Marines Turtle- these frogs are the just green marine turtle living and nesting on the Galapagos Islands. * Marine Iguanas- These creatures are considerable on the island, you will discover three distinct land ocean iguana types living on the island of st. kitts. * Terrain Iguanas- very abundant love to eat cactus and wander free throughout the island. 5. Lava Lizards- 7 several species live on the Galapagos Islands. 2. Cormorant- A flightless fowl species plus the only flightless cormorant varieties in the world. They have evolved in to swimmers around the Islands rather than fliers. 2. Penguins- one other flightless parrot, they are the simply...

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