Computerized Profiling System

 Computerized Profiling System Composition

Chapter I


Backdrop of the Examine

As of today, we have reached the era of modernization. New-technology have been developed, one of this discovery is the computer. The technology has evolved the different stage of our lives. Nowadays, with the aid of computer, the utilization of robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) willing the field of market and causes economic system and education more spare time. Computer promotes our way of living in up grade, an ease to almost anything. In recent years, the increased versatility and user-friendliness of laptop databases generate these devices a crucial organization component. In fact , some universities are now applying Computer Database Management System for the faster and safer symptoms of data. Yet , the Office from the Student Services of The southern part of Leyte Express University-Tomas Oppus encounters problems of preserving and recovering student information using the manual data processing. Manual control is known due to its accurate outcomes but it is merely good when the number of data to be method is less. In updating of student data, it takes time in retrieving their particular records. For safekeeping and fast info processing, advancement a Digital Profiling Program should be available. This examine is designed to obtain effectivity in collecting and retrieving of student documents. The Office with the Student Providers has not yet established a Computerized Profiling System. Hence the research workers propose a development of a database to get student account for the advantage of the students and office with the student services, this programmed database features great assist to the mechanism and can improve the function from the office to be more structured in keeping file(s).

Aims of the Examine

This study aimed for the design and development of your computerized profiling system which will surely ensure that the Office from the Student Companies to minimize the time required in retrieving of student documents. Specifically, this kind of study aimed to: 1 . Determine the demographic profile from the respondents from the study; 2 . Determine the respondent's thoughts and opinions on the performance of the existing student account storage program at the OSS; 3. Style and develop an SLSU-TO Computerized Profiling System; four. Identify the effectiveness of the developed computerized scholar profiling system; and 5. Determine the significant difference between your opinions from the respondent's on the level of effectiveness of the existing student account storage system and the designed computerized scholar profiling program.

Significance in the Study

The consequence of this examine result can be useful and benefits the subsequent: OSS Personnel. The result of this kind of study could help the office to be better on keeping student file(s). This would provide a more secure records, quickly recovery and ease of maintenance of student information. Faculty and Staff. This project aims to aid the challenge in looking student's information for he can easily be furnished with the information that he/she demands.

The Students. This may benefit trainees in protecting their information and fast retrieval of records. The near future Researchers. This kind of research might serve as information or reference to the research workers who want to analyze on subject areas and problems related to this study.

Scope and Delimitations

This study focuses on the design and development of digital profiling approach to Southern Leyte State University-Tomas Oppus. This kind of study only will be limited to the data which the respondents would provide.

Chapter II


Profiling System

Dark night (2002) stated that studentВ profilingВ is a career-long procedure wherebyВ studentsВ develop and maintain a documentary record of their learning experiences. Effectively implemented, В profilingВ should form the key of eachВ student's management of his or her own learning. В ProfilingВ has been proposedВ (for case in point by the HEFCE funded...

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