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Homework #4

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Cardiovascular Dynamics

This try things out examines the factors that effect blood flow through a bloodstream vessel. The interest rate of the flow of blood is motivated by the pressure gradient inside the vessel, the radius from the vessel, the viscosity of the blood plus the length of the yacht. You will be asked to systematically examine each one of these factors to determine their influence on blood flow. Starting out:

п‚· Logon to a INDURATION lab computer using ZULU

п‚· Wide open the PhysioEx program

п‚· From the key menu, select Cardiovascular Aspect

 This software should wide open in the " Vessel Resistance” window, when it doesn't then you should just click Experiment and choose Boat Resistance.

The experimental device is a pair fluid reservoirs connected by a " bloodstream vessel”. It is possible to vary the values of blood pressure, blood vessels viscosity, yacht length and vessel radius by simply clicking the & and – buttons up coming to those guidelines. Once your values have been chosen, you may initiate blood flow between the reservoirs by simply clicking the start switch below the left reservoir. The program will evaluate blood flow being a function of your energy and compute a stream rate. We shall start the research by different vessel radius and watching its effects on the price of the flow of blood.

Flow being a function of Vessel Radius

Highlight the radius press button in the data sets steering column (far still left, bottom) Established the following beliefs:

п‚· Pressure


п‚· Viscosity

three or more. 0

п‚· Length


п‚· Radius

3. 0

Click the Begin button (below the remaining reservoir) and wait until blood circulation is completed. Click on the Record Info button (far right)

Re-fill the left reservoir by clicking on the Refill key (below the left reservoir) Repeat the experiment with yacht radii of first some. 0 then simply 6. 0. Be sure to click the Record Data button following each experiment. Question

A. Briefly illustrate the relationship between vessel radius and the flow of blood. B. What branch of the ANS mainly controls boat...


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