Hedge Finance

 Hedge Pay for Essay

|[pic] |Quantitative Financial Examination | | |2 credit | | | | | |BU. 230. 710. 51 | | |Thursdays 6-9pm, 06/06/2013 to 08/01/2013 | | | | | |Summer 2013 | | |Washington, DC Center, room 201 | | |


Stuart Urban

Contact Information

Phone Number: (443)956-6067

E-mail Addresses: [email protected] edu

Teaching Assistant

Ben Brock: [email protected] edu

Office Hours

Saturdays, 10: 00am – 12: 30pm at POWER Center (room 201) or by session

Required Text and Learning Materials:

Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Finance with MATLAB Programs, (2008), Huu Tue Huynh, Van Son Lai, Issouf Soumare (HLS) [this book might be available because an e-book for students]

MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications next Edition (2010) or earlier Editions, Amos Gilat (AG)

Software: Matlab, student variation (provided by simply Carey)

Optionally available Reference Book:

Options, Futures and options and Other Derivatives, 7th or perhaps 8th Copy, John C. Hull

Blackboard Site

A Blackboard program site is to establish for this training course. Each student is supposed to check the internet site throughout the semester as Blackboard will be the primary venue for outside class communications between instructors and the students. College students can gain access to the training course site by https://blackboard.jhu.edu. Support for Blackboard is available by 1-866-669-6138.

Study course Evaluation

Like a research and learning community, the Carey Business School is committed to continuous improvement. Therefore each student must complete the course analysis as part of the continuous improvement procedure. Information on how to complete the evaluation will be provided near to the end of the course.

Disability Services

Johns Hopkins College or university and the Carey Business College are focused on making all academic programs, support companies, and services accessible. To determine eligibility intended for accommodations, you should contact the Carey Incapacity Services Office at moments of admission and enable least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the first class appointment. Students ought to contact Rachel Hall inside the Disability Solutions office by simply phone in 410-234-9243, by fax by 443-529-1552, or email: carey. [email protected] edu.

Important Academic Policies and Services

• Honor Code

• Affirmation of Variety and Addition

• Tutoring

• Carey Writing Centre

• Severe weather Policy

Students are firmly encouraged to consult the Johns Hopkins Carey Business University Student Guide and Academic Catalog as well as the School internet site http://carey.jhu.edu/syllabus_policies intended for detailed details regarding the previously mentioned items.

Study course Description:

This course is intended to handle the fundamentals of Monte Carlo simulation tactics and their applications in financial. Using Matlab as the programming system, this course will expose students to hands-on computer physical exercises on advanced quantitative issues. This course is going to train students to...


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