Honorarium to Govt Personnel

 Honorarium to Government Personnel Essay


Content V, Section 15 with the Republic Work 9184 claims that, " The procuring entity might grant payment of honoraria to the FERRY-BOAT members in an amount to never exceed 25 percent (25%) of their particular basic month to month salary controlled by availability of funds. For this purpose, the DBM shall promulgate the mandatory guidelines. The procuring enterprise may also offer payment of honoraria towards the BAC Secretariat and the TWG members, subject to the relevant guidelines of the DBM. ”

Meaning of Honorarium

A great honorarium is a type of compensation approved to individuals to get the overall performance of duties or participation in activities beyond their very own regular capabilities. An honorarium is normally a one-time repayment granted in recognition of your special assistance or known achievement that propriety prevents setting a fixed price, such as a special lecture, participation within a workshop or perhaps panel discussion, or identical activities.

Equity necessitates equal reimbursement for functionality of greatly similar responsibilities, with considerably similar degrees of responsibility. Propriety dictates that just persons who may have successfully completed their duties or participated in achieved activities needs to be accomplished.

Spending budget Circular No . 2004-5A for Grant of Honoraria to Government Workers Involved in Authorities Procurement

The Department of Budget and Management released a Budget Circular which provides the guidelines on the scholarhip of honoraria to authorities personnel involved with government purchase consistent with Republic Act 9184 (Government Purchase Reform Act) specifically the grant of honoraria to BAC Associates and TWG members.

The chairs and members with the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) plus the Technical Functioning Group (TWG) may be paid out honoraria just for successfully finished procurement projects.

In accordance with Section six of the Putting into action Rules and Regulations Part A (IRR-A) of RA No . 9184, a purchase project identifies the entire job identified, described, detailed, planned and budgeted for inside the Project Procurement Management Prepare prepared by the agency. A procurement project shall be regarded successfully completed once the contract has been awarded to the winning bidder.

The payment of honoraria will probably be limited to purchase that involves competitive bidding. Alternatively, honoraria will never be paid once procurement can be thru: Direct contracting, repeat order, purchasing, negotiated procurement under Section 53 (b) of the IRR-A whereby the procuring organization directly negotiates with earlier supplier, company or specialist, or when the project is definitely undertaken simply by administration or thru the AFP, in the case of infrastructure projects, and negotiated procurement below Section 53 (c) to (g) with the IRR-A.

Pertaining to personnel to become entitled to honoraria, he must be duly given as seat or part of the BAQUET or the TWG by the brain of the department/agency concerned. The honoraria of every person shall not exceed and follow the rates indicated per completed procurement project just as much as necessary.

There are also selected limitation and guidelines shown in Price range Circular NO . 2004-5A intended for Grant of Honoraria to Government Personnel involved in Federal government Procurement about who are and who also are not eligible for payment of honoraria apart from BAC and TWG Chairs and Users like FERRY-BOAT Secretariats, Brain of Government organizations, etc .

Enumerated also in the Budget Round No . 2004-5A, are the financing sources of the amounts necessary for the repayment of honoraria such as, arises from sale of wager documents, fees from supplier/contractor registry, protest fees, liquidated damages, etc . WHAT IS BIDS AND ACCOLADES COMMITTEE (BAC) THEN?

(Purpose and Components)

Article V, Section 11 in the Republic Take action 9184 requires that each procuring entity shall establish BAQUET for its purchase in order to assist in professionalization and harmonization of procedures and standards It may be a reported...


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