Effects Of HIV And AIDS

 Impacts Of HIV And AIDS Dissertation

The emergence of HIV and AIDs in early 1980s has resulted in untold public welfare, socio-economic and demographic difficulties. Describe the effect of HIV/AIDs on persons, family and the community under the next headings Educational, Economic, Cultural, Demographic, Psycho-emotional, Religious


Countries with high national debts and low GNP such as Mozambique experience increased difficulties in providing the care and support to the infected and affected. HIV/AIDS results in increased number of disease and death especially among the list of working class. This ends in increased instances of absenteeism which results in even more work for staff already present required to wait in for their co-workers hence ultimately causing higher overtime, however, expenditure, overworking of the limited workforce that causes exhaustion. In case of where the staff are deceased it ends in a lack of skilled personnel that are quite difficult to replace and permanent decline in labour force for a time period. A drop in quality and quantity of the final product is a corollary of this along with productivity. The International Time Organization observed that labour force in 2020 will probably be an estimated 10-22 percent smaller sized (about 10. 5 million fewer) than it would had been if HIV and AIDS in countries such as Kenya, Malawi and Makalamabedi, botswana was not a factor (ILO, 2000). Government profits also declines as tax revenues fall and costs is focused in dealing with HIV. African countries require variation, greater exportation of goods and services and foreign investment to expand their existing economies. Nevertheless the increased cost of labour due to HIV and AIDS coupled with low income tend to make them undesirable to foreign industries thus limiting their economic growth. SOCIABLE

HIV and AIDS propagate poverty, insecurity and doubt. Studies in Botswana display that every income earner is likely to acquire an extra dependent in the next ten years due to SUPPORTS. Households in Africa where poverty is usually rampant are expected to suffer increased low income from the care and support to be presented to the infected. In addition many cases involve the infected staying the salary earner hence will require additional means of purchasing money to get undertaken ranging from boys stopping school in order to be part of the labour force to fresh women required to turn to prostitution. Expenses relevant to funeral are substantial because they further chemical substance the issue of profits coupled with the high medical fees and caregivers reduced contribution for the workforce and increased psychological and financial drain. Time and other home resources happen to be seemingly entirely devoted to the infected. Basic necessities are compromised as electricity, clothing and even water may possibly be forgone or utilized in a minimal potential. Food budgets become stronger leading to an insufficient amount of food available.


AIDS is essentially concentrated in the Central, East and The southern part of regions of Africa referred to as the AIDS-Belt (Hyde, 2002). About 40 percent of the world's population exists in Sub-Saharan Africa although housing 63 percent of folks living with HIV/AIDS globally which has been 24. your five million persons in 2006 and presently is 22. 4 , 000, 000 people. The pandemic offers continued to adversely affect development of countries and even prude. The disease dego?tant individuals inside the most prolific age group. About half of the people living with HIV were afflicted at age twenty-five while most die from opportunistic infections about age 35 which likewise leads to the distortion old structures, killing those who are in prime operating condition one example is Botswana, in accordance to a forecasted population composition carried out by UNAIDS in 2k, showed that if the current levels of death and contamination then continuing there would be even more people older 80 than 45 years as most persons 20-30 years old would have fallen prey for the disease. Implications in relation to demography are...

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