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Surname: Pham

Initially Names: Thao

Student Quantity: 61051390

Identity: Pham Ngoc Da Thao

Postal Treat: 132/3B, Ong Ich Khiem street, Region 11

City/Suburb: Ho Chihuahua Minh Post Code: 084

State: Ho Chi Minh Country: Vietnam

Teachers of Education

University of Southern Queensland

Course Number: 8006

Training course Name: Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Assignment Description/Number: 2

Teachers: Faculty of Education

Time Uploaded: Oct 23, 2013

Assignment Deadline: October twenty-three, 2013

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Term: Pham Ngoc Da Thao Date: Oct 23, 2013

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Pc Assisted Learning Website Evaluation


Thao Da Ngoc Pham

University of Southern Queensland



Language learning and teaching become easier than ever thanks to the development of technology. A lot of technological tools have been used to improve The english language, the most popular terminology in the world although no device is as valuable as computer system, especially when it truly is Internet-accessed. However are many techniques for students to learn The english language with a computer system, learning having a language learning website can be the best one as it can provide a far more authentic environment in comparison with any other. That is the reason why hundreds of language learning websites has been created and raise a need for vocabulary teachers and educational organizations to discover how to evaluate these web sites before presenting a reliable person to their college students. British Council (BC) is known as as a well-known organization in English learning and instructing field due to the prestige, reliability and globalization. On the reason for establishing ethnical relations, over 80 teaching centers of British Council are opened in 49 countries worldwide. In line with Hoheitsvoll Charter, one of its aims is to bring top quality English materials to every learner and educator and the addresses named because is one of the most reliable sort of materials that may be worthy being discovered to enhance their lives and career prospects. ( LearnEnglish (LE) is designed for nonnative speakers whom should be 18 to be in order to interact on this site. The supplies on LearnEnglish is educational and interesting enough to compare with additional English learning websites targeted at young adults, but some of its specialties produce it several like Organization and Work section around the main menu which will not only serve language-for-work advancements but specialist interview abilities. IELTS is usually another specialty that provides scholars with suggestions, interview abilities and Make fun of papers. Here is info going to describe LearnEnglish with a few of its specialties, evaluate it relating fifteen standards of Son (2005) and finally give an example of how to integrate it to train and generate an authentic learning environment...

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