Itt Risk Managment Final Answers

 Essay regarding Itt Risk Managment Final Answers

By which of the THIS domains is known as a database considered a major element of risk? System/Application Domain

Which in turn of the following is not really a risk management strategy?


A CBA is an effort to

Compare the effect of a realized risk towards the economic risk associated with taking care of it

Which of the subsequent is not a technique for excuse vulnerabilities? Development bugs

A DoS strike is a danger action affecting which IT domain?

LAN-WAN Domain

To which of the next does HIPAA apply?

Health insurance companies

Where of the subsequent does FERPA apply?

Language schools

Which in the following requirements contains 8 principles specific to security? GAISP

Which usually of the following standards gives detailed points of IT procedures and thorough checklists, tasks, and procedures that can be tailed by IT agencies to fit their demands? ITIL

Which in turn agency enforces the SOX


Which usually of the next is not really a step in the chance control method? Risk identification

Which with the following is responsible for planning, spending budget, and performance info system security? IT management

Who need to make trade off decisions regarding program security? System and information owners

Who have develops suitable training materials for risikomanagement? Security recognition personnel

Which in turn of the subsequent is a aim of an organization's risk management? Capability to perform the mission

Which of the pursuing is not really a step in executing a RA?

Organizing business assets

Why is RA a good idea?

Protect resources

Which with the following is known as a type of RA?


Which will of the next is not really a threat?

Poor firewall settings

What is opportunity?

Extent or perhaps range of perspective, outlook, software, operation, and effectiveness

Which usually of the subsequent is a technique for identifying risks? Review traditional data

Which of the next is a good example of administrative control? Policies and procedures

Audits are a part of what type of examination


Which of the following is a technical control?


Which from the following can be described as type of risk mitigation secureness control? Designed controls

Risk mitigation organizing starts with which usually of the subsequent? Asset inventory

Identifying the criticality of business operations is a help which from the following procedures? BIA

Which will of the subsequent documents identifies an anticipated level of overall performance between companies? Service level agreements (SLA)

When researching the 3rd there’s r = Capital t x Versus for any provided scenario, and examining my old employee (T) with a (V) of online accounts that are not deleted, what is an effective countertop measure? Accounts management policy

Costs received in the reduction of risk often consist of what costs? Hidden

In risk management, MAO stands for?

Maximum acceptable outage

In a BIA, the loss of immediate sales and cash flow is usually an example of which in turn of the subsequent? Direct cost

Which in the following is the most important item once identifying recovery requirements? RTO

Preliminary system information, program points of speak to (POC), system resources, important roles, and tables backlinks and identifying resources can easily all be seen in a? BIA report

TRUE or PHONY: A company meets its business objectives only if it has motivated employees and satisfied clients False

Which will of the following plans concentrates on restoring and recovering IT function? DRP

Which from the following has a key aim to identify the CBFs as well as the critical procedures supporting the CBFs? BIA

Which among the following can determine the acceptable down moments for CBFs, processes, and IT services in BIA? MAO

Which usually of the following is a one who usually manages multiple BCP projects within a large organization? BCP software manager

EMT, DAT, TRT team members work on which from the following?


Critical success factors for DRP strategies are?

Supervision support

Knowledge and...


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