Learning-as-Ethnographers Way of Enhance Intercultural Learning

 Learning-as-Ethnographers Method to Enhance Intercultural Learning Essay

UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN CO Greeley, The state of colorado The Graduate School


A Dissertation Submitted in Partially Fulfillment from the Requirements intended for the Degree of Doctor of Education

College of Education and Behavioral Savoir School of Teacher Education Program of Educational Research


Minhui Lu May 2012



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This Dissertation by: Minhui Lu Entitled: Using the Learners-as-ethnographers Approach to Enhance Intercultural Learning Among American College Students Learning Chinese being a Foreign Language has become approved while meeting the requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Education in University of Education and Behavioral Sciences at school of Tutor Education, Plan of Educational Studies Acknowledged by the Doctoral Committee ______________________________________________________ Dana Master, Ph. G., Chair _______________________________________________________ Madeline Milian, Ed. D., Committee Affiliate _______________________________________________________ Elizabeth Franklin, Ph. D., Committee Member _______________________________________________________ Deborah Peregrino, Ph. Deb., Faculty Representative Date of Dissertation Defense: February 6, 2012 Acknowledged by the Graduate student School ______________________________________________________ Linda T. Black, Impotence. D., LPC Acting Leader of the Graduate School and International Tickets




ABSTRACT Lu, Minhui. Using the Learners-as-ethnographers Approach to Enhance Intercultural Learning amongst American University students Learning Chinese as a Language. Published Doctor of Education dissertation, School of North Colorado, 2012. This analyze explored the way the learners-as-ethnographers (LAE) approach facilitated intercultural learning among American students learning Chinese as a foreign language.

learning experiences in a non-immersion framework. I designed six ethnographic tasks to get the 12-15 university students whom registered to get the Elementary Chinese course in 2010. The students were instructed to complete several of the ethnographic tasks, compose an composition for each, and report all their explorations in the linguistic and/or cultural trends in the U. S. and a Chinese-speaking community. By the end of the term, I executed two focus groups and interviewed 11 of the college students.

A total of 56 students' essays and two interview transcriptions went through thematic examines. Results present that the ethnographic tasks developed learning opportunities for students to realize and assess cultural stereotypes, impacts of contextual or situational factors on ethnical artifacts/practices/perspectives, culture-specific connotations or misunderstanding, and potential tendency in the intercultural exploration. In addition, the intercultural learning assignment added an important dimension for the foreign language program, motivating students to notice, think about, and make inquiries into the taken-for-granted linguistic and cultural trends in their indigenous community. Pupils




Two study questions dealt with the effectiveness of the LAE way and students'

became which culture was situational and contextual. Slowly but surely, their intercultural communicative skills developed....

Referrals: enhancing learners' communicative skills rather than linguistic competence (for discussion, see Leung, 2005).


" a global perspective” (Kedia & Daniel, 2003)


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