How to Make Successful Notes

 How to Make Successful Notes Dissertation

Learn Note-making

Note making is a sophisticated writing skill which is attaining increasing importance due to understanding explosion. We have a need to bear in mind at least the main points of any given subject. Making paperwork is a complex activity which combines a number of skills. Steps to make notes

2. Read the passageway carefully.

5. Heading

Precisely what is the main idea of the passageway? Frame a heading depending on the central idea and write it in the middle of the page. 5. Subheadings

Just how has the key idea been presented and developed? Are available two or three subordinate/associated ideas? You may frame subheadings based on these kinds of. * Details

Are there furtherВ detailsВ or points of the subtitles that you just wish to imagination these notes? Indent, i. e., suitably space and number. All subheadings ought to be written at a consistent distance through the margin. 5. Indenting

Every point should also take care of the same distance away from the margin. Note: Tend not to write total sentences. And use abbreviations wherever required. Read beneath for more help on short-hand. Help with short-hand

1 . Work with standard abbreviations and symbols as far as likely: 1 . Capitalized first words of terms

e. g. U. G., U. H. A., U. K., U. S. T. R., etc .

2 . Prevalent abbreviations

Sc. (for science), Mr., Mrs., Dr ., Govt., etc

three or more. Common symbols

e. g.,: \, ∴, +ve, -ve, ® (leading to), ↑ (rising), ↓ (falling), sama dengan, etc . some. Measurements and Figures

electronic. g.,: 100′, 100”, 90 kg, a thousand mm, 100ml, etc .

1 . Making your own short-hand:

1 . Keep the main sounds of the word. For example , edn. (education), progm. (programme) 2 . Retain the suffix to ensure that later if you are going over the notes you may recall the total form of the phrase —e. g., ed'nal (educational), prog've (progressive). 1 . Extreme caution

1 ) Do notВ get over-enthusiastic about abbreviations. В You should notВ abbreviate every term. One abstract in level is enough. installment payments on your As a general rule, the heading ought not to be abbreviated....


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