Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix

Michael Anderson


May well 30, 2011

Gabriel Renero

According to the text-book Marketing an Introduction " Guided by marketing strategy, the corporation designs an integrated marketing mix made up of elements under its control—product, selling price, place, and promotion to find the best marketing strategy and mix” (Armstrong & Kotler,  2009,  p.  47). In order to understand the marketing mix one need to describe the elements of the marketing mixture, how every element can be implemented, and describe just how each one of the four elements of the marketing combine affects the development of a company just like Pepsi –Cola Company's online marketing strategy and methods. The promoting mix is probably the best-known advertising term.

The Several P's

In accordance to Mind Tools (2011),  " Marketing mix" is a general phrase used to describe the different types of choices organizations have to make in the whole procedure for bringing a product or service or in order to market” (Understanding the Device,  para. 2). The best way to describe the advertising mix is by the four Ps. The first S (product) is usually not simply exactly what a university company is offering to sell the consumer. The product In respect to Marketing Teacher (2011), has three levels " the core product, some of the product, and lastly the increased product” (Marketing Mix,  para. 4). The core product is the benefit of the item for example the main product of a laptop can be convenience. You see, the product is the tangible, physical product as well as the augmented merchandise are things such as the warrantee and customer service. The second L (place) is usually not always the actual building a method sold. The area also can always be the funnel how a system is shipped to the customer, for example an item can be marketed direct to the consumer or by using a wholesaler. The third P (price) is just that the price of the product. In accordance to Learn Marketing. net,  " Pricing is one of the most important aspects of the marketing mix” (Pricing Strategies,  para. 1).. When a product is prices to excessive can mean loss in sales and pricing a product or service to low could mean loss of profit therefore pricing has to indicate supply and demand. Your fourth P (promotion) includes each of the tools offered to the internet marketer for marketing communication. Campaign consists of eight elements, which work together and are also integrated to form a consistent campaign.

Pepsi and the Rendering of the Four P's

According to Pepsi Company (2010),  Part of Pepsi Cola's mission assertion " will be the planet's premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages” (Company,  para. 1). For Pepsi-Cola to make their particular mission statement a reality they need to take full advantage of the marketing mixture. When looking at how Pepsi-Cola uses the 1st P (product) in the promoting mix one can possibly see that each uses product variation, product differentiation, product innovation, and item elimination. The other P (place) they use the distribution funnel of direct selling, indirect sales, and Web commerce. The third P (price) they use cost restoration pricing, transmission pricing, and price skimming. The fourth G (promotion) Pepsi-Cola uses a combination of individual connection, mass interaction, brand supervision, and corporate identification

Soft drink –Cola Company's Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Pepsi-Cola has become one of many best-known products in the world. Pepsi-Cola continues to improve, creating new items, new flavours and fresh packages in various shapes and sizes in order to meet the developing demand for comfort and much healthier choices. Soft drink is always on the lookout for ways to guarantee their customers get the goods they want, after they want all of them and exactly where they want. In accordance to Pepsi Company (2010),  " Pepsi products can be seen in practically 200 countries around the globe” (Brands,  para. 1) The five...

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