Insect and Home made Natural Insecticide

 Mosquito and Homemade Natural Insecticide Dissertation

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ako ay labing isang taong gulang. TROPICAL INSECTICIDE

1 . Introduction:

To make homemade natural insecticide with less harm.

2 . Materials

•Madre de Alboroto ½ kilo of leaves

•Grinder or perhaps mortar and pestle

•20 liters of Water



several. Procedure:

oPound and serve the Cama de Ri?a leaves

oSoak overnight in 20 liters of water in a pail.

oWith the use of a strainer, strained the answer.

oTest samples of farm insects were obtained and split up into two teams, one group is placed inside box A little while the different group in box N. oThe remedy were dispersed in container A by using Madre para Cacao although box B were sprayed with a chemical insecticide. oObserve for 30 mins.

Trouble what to study/ Find out:

How can we call and make an all-natural insect repellent which is inexpensive and environmentally safe.

1 . )Hypohesis:

It can kill insects/pest like cacroach, flies and mosquitoes. installment payments on your )Objectives: To generate an insecticide that can properly work on infestations.

3. )Significance of the study

The researchers believe that this study is usually greatly significant in the lives of the Filipinos especially those whom belong to the middle and reduce classes. 100% natural Insect Repellent is going to greatly aid in reducing circumstances of the disease and also economic costs. Inside the Philippines today, money is very valuable and sometimes times, limited, which results to lesser pay up unexpected disasters. One example on this emergency is definitely: infection of youngsters due to contact with mosquito bites. This is why the researchers need to do this study. In times of these types of emergencies, there exists an effective alternative to prevent these infections that may be less expensive than laboratory built medicines. This study will also educate Filipinos to learn to work with alternative materials that will work as well as lab-made treatments, but in a much cheaper price..

4. )Scope and Limitation: Suitable for bugs like cacroach, flies and mosquitoes only....


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