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Water, following to air flow, is the most important require of person. In spite of the considerable expenditure of Government authorities in Nigeria over the years from this essential individual requirement, a sizable population continue to does not get access to water in adequate amount and top quality. It is estimated that just 48% with the inhabitants with the urban and semi-urban areas of Nigeria and 39% of rural areas have access to pasable water supply. Regardless of these low figures the regular delivery to the urban population is only thirty-two litres every capita each day (lpcd) and that for non-urban areas is usually 10 lpcd. The quality in most cases is think. Various factors responsible for this example include amongst others, poor preparing, inadequate financing, insufficient relevant manpower, aimless implementation, and above all deficiency of a national policy for water supply. Traditional Perspective

Community Water Supply started in Nigeria early on this 100 years in a few neighborhoods under the supervision of the cheapest administrative level. Amongst the early beneficiaries of those facilities were Lagos, Calabar, Kano, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ijebu Ode and Enugu. The schemes had been maintained with revenue via water charge collection with virtually no detailed subvention coming from government. Together with the creation of Regional Government authorities in the early on 1950s this particular supply companies continued to keep up the plans but the economic and specialized responsibilities pertaining to developing fresh water strategies were taken over by the Regional Governments who have also assigned 'supervisory higher level manpower (Water Engineers and Superintendents) for the water supply undertakings. For the period of the task, all the allowances and section of the salaries of those officers were paid via revenue produced from their water rate, when these representatives still retained their job and eldership elders in the Regional Service.

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However , with growing require and elevating cost, it became necessary for the Regional Government authorities to secure financial loans. The Areas were expected to set up self-employed bodies my spouse and i. e. Normal water Corporations/Boards to formulate, operate and manage the water supply companies. Hence, the first Normal water Corporation was created in 1966 by the in that case Western Area with all the open public water supply undertakings in the region, which includes their personnel, assets and liabilities taken over by the Water Corporation. The staff of the Normal water Division of the Ministry of Works were transferred to the modern corporation.


Today, every one of the thirty-six (36) States in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory have got Water Boards/ Corporations or perhaps Public Utilities Boards controlling their general public water supply companies. Their hard work is supplemented oftentimes by Community Governments who also supply water to tiny villages inside their areas of legal system.


The Federal Government, in 1976, got linked to water supply if the Federal Ministry of Water Resources as well as the eleven (11) River Basin Development Authorities (RBDAs) had been created to control the water resources of the country and to present bulk water, primarily pertaining to irrigation and water supply. The Federal Ministry also undertakes basic Hydrological Data Collection and Safe-keeping for Nationwide Planning reasons. Other agencies involved in open public water supply, while aid and loan programmes, are the Un Children's Finance (UNICEF), Usa Nation Development Programme (UNDP), and numerous bilateral, multilateral and Exterior Support Organizations.


Water Resources


Nigeria can be divided into half a dozen main Hydrological basins. Geographically, in the much south will be low-lying swamp forests, followed in a northerly direction by generally smooth dense rain forests, hilly...


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