Nominations Composition

п»їThu Dec 18 10: up to 29: 05 2000В

Name: Ravi Harsoor

Email: [email protected] com

Nomination: Abdul Kareem and Father Doctor Kalia

Purpose: For the fathers struggling the corrupt and wrong system of our nation. I salute Shri Abdul Kareem and Dr Kalia for his or her persistance and perseverence in leading the torch for which their children set their lives at the church of responsibility. Indian Govt did tiny of consequence for them but since an Indian on behalf of additional Indians I salute all of them and stay indebted pertaining to bringing up this kind of courageous children and hence I actually nominate the best of Of india pedigree

Thu Dec 14 10: 31: 24 2000В

Name: Amit Singh

Email: amit. [email protected] com

Candidate selection: L. T. Advani

Purpose: Best at any time home minister after Sardar Patel.

Thu Dec 16 10: 32: 43 2000В

Name: Mahesh

Email: [email protected] com

Nomination: Prime Minister A W VajpayeeВ

Cause: sucessfull to make our country great in all respects.

Thu Dec 14 twelve: 34: 36 2000В

Term: Subrata Majumder

Email: [email protected] com

Nomination: Atal bihari Baajpayi

Reason: for credibility & straightforward lifestyle

Thu Dec 18 10: 52: 48 2000В

Name: Tushar Apshankar

Email: [email protected] edu

Nomination: Karnam MalleshwariВ

Purpose: She is the only indian who also made all of us feel very pleased to be an Indian. She's a beam of light in Indian Sports Arena, which is darkened by simply Match Repairing and cheating.

Thu Dec 14 10: 57: 06 2000В

Identity: Arun Datta

Email: [email protected] com

Candidate selection: Indian Soldiers Who fought for us.

Explanation: Need we all say so why? They did not really lay their very own lives for his or her personal benefits but " they gave their lives for save our lives" can any one match this selfless sacrifice.

Thu December 14 10: 57: twenty 2000В

Name: Rajendra. S. Dantal

Email: [email protected] com

Nomination: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Reason: as they has take care of various essential situation incredibly bold and effiecently

Thu Dec 13 11: 00: 01 2000В

Name: isha rathnam

Email: [email protected] com

Nomination: T. malleshwari

Explanation: В first girl -to have a medal inside the olympics, and...


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