Entity Marriage Diagram

 Entity Relationship Diagram Composition

#1. Enterprise Relationship Diagram

#2. a. & n.

One Space can be designated only one Room Type, although a particular Area Type could be assigned to many rooms (i. e. there may be many areas that have twice beds). Consequently , Room includes a one-to-one romantic relationship with RoomType and RoomType has a one-to-many relationship with Room.

From the table, it is usually seen that a particular area can only be designated because belonging to one particular type / category, hence confirming that Room RoomType has a one-one relationship. Through the table we could also notice that RoomType arises several times, thus confirming that RoomType Place has one-many relationship.

#2 C.


RoomId varchar2(5) Not Null;

RoomTypeId varchar2(10) Not Null;

AvailableStatus varchar2(10) Not Null;


FOREIGN CRUCIAL (RoomTypeId) references ROOMTYPE (RoomTypeID);

The cardinalities of the marriage between Room and RoomType shown inside my ERD identifies that each Room is uniquely identified with a RoomId, which can be described by simply only one of all available RoomTypes. As such, every RoomId has to be classified in a RoomType, and thus, in accordance with enterprise integrity, both equally primary important factors must not be null. Since RoomType will happen several times inside the RoomTable, it should be " NotNull” as not really null state must be described for the dependent table's foreign key, but because of its multiple event, RoomType can not be " unique”.

#3. The Registration table has two (2) foreign keys, RoomId and EmpId. These overseas keys happen to be attributes in a single table, and then are principal keys in another relation. It might be seen that GuestId may be the primary crucial of the Customer table, and serves as a link to the Registration table. Because the Guest IDENTIFICATION can are present as a overseas key within the Registration Stand, it can can be found many times, therefore the cardinality values between the tables had been determined.

From your sample data above it might be seen that RoomId's...


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