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Capital: Warsaw

Area: 312, 685 sq Km

Recognized Language: Polish

Ethnic Teams: 91, five per cent polish, zero, 94% Silesian, 0, 04% Kashubian, 0, 07% A language like german, 0, 07% Ukrainian, 0, 08% Belarusian, 7, 24% Other

Authorities: Parliamentary Gemeinwesen

Time: Central European time CET( UTC+1)

Population: 35. 501. 000 (2011 Census)

Government and political conditions:

The President is usually tue brain of states

The government framework consists of a authorities of Ministers led with a prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) The parliament consist of a 460-member loss house(Sejm) and a 100-member upper house(senate) The parties represented in tue Sejm in tue order in the number of Chairs are the following Civic platform(PO)

Law and justice(PiS)

The democratic Kept Alliances(SLD)

The Polish PeopleВґs Party(PSL)

Especially comes first(PJN)

Social Democracy of Poland(SDPL)

Sozial plan and bureaucracy

The process of all of the changes in the cultural model during last 18 years may be divided into several phases:

• 1989-1993. the period of the deep economic crisis, significant decrease of earnings and quickly development of joblessness. In this period social insurance plan concentrated in building interpersonal safety net to shield the cultural groups the majority of threatened by the transformation process. • 1994-1997. the period with the dynamic economic development. To get social coverage it was the period of planning and developing the reforms to adopt the institutions of social reliability to the marketplace economy.

you Construction of modern institutions of the social plan in Especially started in XIXth century when the majority of Shine territories were included in to Prussia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. 2 With the exception of the welfare benefits, payable to older and incapable people who had not acquired entitlement to receive cultural security benefits.

3 While using inclusion of their finance in the central budget until 1987. Rescaling Social Welfare Policies National Statement Poland




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