Physics Pendulum Research laboratory Report

 Physics Pendulum Lab Statement Essay


Raiyan Hassan


September 20, 2011


A pendulum is a unit which includes a mass attached with a string from a frictionless revolves which allows it to swing back and forth. With this experiment, the time it takes for a pendulum to pass through a period will probably be measured. Enough time it takes for any pendulum to undergo one period can depend in factors such as the length of the chain, mass, or maybe the degree where the pendulum is released coming from (amplitude). Through this experiment, only different world will be used in order to prove that mass does not have an impact on the time it takes for a pendulum to go through a time.


The goal of this research is to decide the effect of mass for the period of a pendulum.


If the mass of the pendulum increases then the time for the swing is going to neither increase nor lower because the mass does not influence the period of your pendulum.

Elements and Methods

The supplies used in this experiment will be:

a few Different Masses (20g, 50g, 100g)





With these kinds of materials, the experiment was conducted in the following treatment:

1) Place the clamp to a flat work surface with a thread attached to this 2) Affix a 20g mass towards the end of the string contrary from the pivot 3) Pull the mass to the side with an extravagance of 70º

4) Release the mass and allow this to swing 10 times while timing it 5) Divide the total time by 10 to get the time it requires for one particular period of the pendulum 6) Repeat measures 2-5 based on a masses (50g, 100g, 120g)


The results between the different public were not however number nevertheless , they were close. The 20g mass period took 1 ) 5 seconds and the 50g took 1 . 6 seconds. The 100g and 120g masses both equally took 1 ) 7 mere seconds to result in a period.

Conversation and Summary

What was anticipated at the end with the experiment was for all of the instances between the different masses as the same however , this was not the situation. The small differences in time were almost certainly due to random and human being error. Through the experiment, a clock utilized to period the durations in seconds. Using the time falls under the random problem category since the timing wasn't precise since it would be if a stopwatch utilized instead. The other mistake in this research would be a human error as the experiment got one person launch the pendulum after the person timing provides the signal. The time between the alerts are given so when the pendulum starts dogging could be off so to avoid this problem in subsequent trials, the individual timing the period should be the same person publishing the pendulum. Although the benefits between the some masses had been different, these were only off by below. 3 secs. The benefits showed that difference in mass has no significant impact on the pendulum period therefore, making the hypothesis for this experiment authentic.


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