Query in Rizal Chapter 5-10

 Question in Rizal Part 5-10 Essay

Phase 5

Direction: Identify this.

1 ) A training course finished by simply Rizal before he used in the medical course. 2 These are the topic studied by Rizal during his initial year term in the three or more. University of Sto. Tomas.



6. What illness really does Rizal's mom have and be reason why he choose medication? 7. In which did Rizal live during his younger year with the university? eight. Antonio's quite daughter.

being unfaithful. Spanish copy writer who earned the second award in Literary Joust. 12. A sonnet wrote by simply Rizal on 1880.

eleven. A composition composed by simply Rizal about December eight, 1879.

doze. flat-bottom wind-surfing vessel.

13. Secret world of Philippine student inside the University of Santo Tomas. 14. What do you named the users of the comradeship?

15. Birth date of Leonora Rivera.

Chapter six

Direction: Identify the Following.

1 . Who will be the Ateneo Jesuit Fathers?

2 . When ever did Rizal departed on board the Spanish steamer Salvadora bound intended for Singapore? a few. The deliver captain of steamer Salvadora.

4. Who is the Owner of Singapore.

5. The administrative centre of Ceylon.

6. When did Rizal reached the Naples.?

several. The most Famous streets in Barcelona.

8. Rizal's first content written about Spain's dirt and his initially article in diariong Tagalog.. 9. Rizal's pen identity in " Amor Patrio”

10. Ubersetzungsprogramm of " Amor Patrio” from The spanish language to tagalong. 11. Rizal's Third article of Rizal to get diariong Tagalog.

12. The location Mayor of Manila through the administration in the liberal texas chief general Carlos Ma. De la Torre(1869-1871). 13. Rizal's co-worker in the Divulgacion Movement that was crazily in love with Consuelo. 14. The date when ever Rizal became a Grasp Mason in Lodge Fraternidad. 15. The master of Second-Hand book store.

Chapter several

Direction: Identify the Following.

1 . Publisher of the newspapers La Anuncio and made a crayon drawing of Add Miguel Morayta. 2 . The owner of La Publicidad and a statesman.

several. A mountainous village near Heidelberg.

some Two children of Pastor...


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