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Two young entrepreneur's C. Jayakrishnan and Saju Chacko started out Caravel Logistics eighteen years back. Both of them got already had several years of experience inside the line of delivery services. They noticed that customer service in terms of period, reliability and promptness was generally not easily seen in the arena of total logistics. Because of this they thought that if this kind of factors were given more than a casual importance, there is value-creation and establishing a great enviable popularity within a small amount of time would be for the cards. Caravel logistics pvt ltd Founded in year 1994 in Chennai, India it is just a well known local heavyweight inside the India strategies business. That they started with NVOCC operation and CHA activities in 1994 like a small concern but now that they having offices at all the key ports, metros and towns apart from intercontinental offices at Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and worldwide organization offices. Caravel logistics given birth to out of any vision to supply world class shipping and allied services, caravel has designed out a distinct segment for on its own in the remarkably specialized area of shipping related services. Caravel offers a diversified services of strategies like nvocc container service, custom broker, freight forwarding and business carriers inside the mode of land, marine, air. They have a young and active team of over 62 staff, and their mission is usually to be the most specialist respected logistics company with this business and they will achieve that simply by putting companies and their demands first. They deliver what you would like, where you want that and when you want it plus they are treating buyers like associates. The primary team involves young cross functional authorities from every single walk of international logistics business. The company's promoter's contain reputed experts in worldwide trade, traditions etc . The dedicated staff is caravel's greatest advantage. Company usually put emphasis in producing specialist's crew by performing regular active seminars about emerging trends and solutions in industry. They have their particular vessel in addition to textbox inventory for their NVOCC assistance. Caravel Logistics is the one end shop for global transport strategies services that cater to your needs with specialised department to handle different aspects of logistics. Caravel is the just top 5 NVOCC player in India to provide Multi version transport ( MTO) Services in India. Caravel can be described as complete one-stop-shop for global transport logistics service that delivers everything you need via freight forwarding, customs clearance and third party logistics to brokerage, source chain supervision. Caravel can provide a complete global freight supervision consultancy service-both import and export- or just provide a multi-modal transport service that gets your merchandise where you want these people, anywhere in the world, inside the required time frame. Caravel offers the following solutions and WORTH FOR CUSTOMERS: -

* NVOCC - Sea / Surroundings consolidation

2. International and Domestics Shipping Forwarding

* Multimodal Transfer & Forwarding

5. 3PL and provide Chain Administration

* Task Movements

* Import/Export/Cross Operate

* Storage & Warehousing

* Mass Liquid in Tanks (ISO Tanks/Bulk The liquid in Flexi Tanks) * Stevedoring

2. Break Bulk Handling

* Steamer Organization

* Personal Effects Movements

* Exhibit

* Volume / Large Cargo about Trailers

2. Domestic Valuables on LCV & Vehicles

* Total Logistics Alternatives

Caravel logistics is multimodal transport operator licensee by government of India, like a nvocc due & operating thousands of storage units, helps shippers with cargo to intra Asian areas- linking India, South East Asia, Middle section East and Srilanka, Pakistan Etc . caravel offer combined modes of transportation to get to the vacation spot. Because of their pervasive existence in the various ways of transport of shipment, they can able to provide this kind of cutting edge in order to our customers with inexpensive...


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