Rockstar Swot

 Rockstar Swot Essay




• Appealing to more youthful audience

• Image built upon " I want to become a rockstar and party such as a rockstar, so I will drink like a rockstar! ” draws in the party scene • Comes in 14 flavors (variety)

• Attract 34 sports activities

• Managed underneath Pepsi Co. which gives them a well proven team to work alongside to increase and obtain successful products • Came in third place to get leading Energy Drink in market share by 11. 3% • Retains consumer encouraged and energized

• Accumulated 2 . 5-5 million us dollars in earnings since its from 2005 • Internationally offered

• Sweets free

• Carbohydrate totally free

• Accessibility to shot or bottle

• Promote themselves with Rockstar apparel and accessories • Strong phrase to mouth area marketing

• Bold and attractive merchandise image (structure)


• Well-known mixed drink because it reduces exhaustion and enhances the " feel good” news • A study compared the consequences of alcohol only to an alcoholic beverages plus strength drink blend. Researchers identified that the alcohol plus energy drink drastically reduced very subjective alcohol-related symptoms such as headache, weakness, dried mouth, and impairment of motor skill, even though breath alcohol focus and goal tests of motor skill and response time didn't reflect this kind of. • The number of caffeine a energy drink has, helps bring about dehydration • Compete against redbull, monster, and SoBe as their biggest competition • Increased caffeine levels may result in stomach problems, anxiety attacks, anxiety, and cardiac arrhythmias • Limit their advertising to sports activities that revolve around extreme • Energy beverage are supposed to improve the ‘good feeling' but no longer promote inside sports just like soccer, hockey, football, or perhaps basketball that happen to be all huge corporations • 160 magnesium of caffeine per can


• Small males & females

• Between the age ranges of 20-30



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