Second Hand Cigarette smoking

 Essay upon Second Hand Smoking cigarettes

п»їEvolution in the Thesis Declaration into our Outline

First take the existing and completed Thesis Statement and rewrite that here: Used smoking may be prevented by quitting or doing it someplace where it's not going to harm other people.

Second, take your several supporting elements (usually inside the second phrase in a Thesis Statement) and provide them each their own amount (or bullet). - Used smoking may be prevented by quitting or perhaps doing it somewhere where this wont damage other people. Topic in your Thesis statement just (the initial part of the initial sentence) (one): Second hand smoking cigarettes

(two): Damaging other people

(three - optional): Quitting smoking cigarettes

(four -- optional):

Lastly, you must give at least two components of specific info to each supporting element. Second Hand smoking: Causes lung cancers and also is definitely the cause so why many kids die which has a smoker parent or guardian Harming other folks: Also harming people outdoors, for example persons at a bus stop Quitting cigarette smoking: To as well help the people who smoke and health, make them quit We will place in a place holder for a realization that will be finished next week. MODEL:

Everything in bold beneath should be in the assignment you turn in by due date

Applying my Weapon violence Thesis Statement:

Thesis Statement:

Gun assault in metropolitan America can be quite a devastating problem. With gun education, better laws, and a community view, we can support stamp out gun violence. Outiline:

Topic: Gun violence in urban America

Gun Education

Create classes to teach firearm safety and proper consumption

Have a tutoring and mentoring plan to help educate even more people Better regulations

More weapon control lawsuits

Additional local laws that can help control pistols

Community Watch

Give classes on how to kind community watches

Help type a foundation that can help plan different areas into groupings that can come together Conclusion: (We will get into this later)


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