Vending Equipment Requirement

 Vending Machine Requirement Composition

CptS 580. 1/483. you Software Specs and Analysis

HW3 1 ) The snack machine (VMC) system requirements are as follows: The VMC dispenses products: (1) very large candy (VC) at 15¢, (2) large candy (LC) at 10¢, and (3) a small sweets (SC) in 5¢. The vending machine only bargains in nickels, and dimes. The VMC gives the proper change following your product assortment is made. The VMC must tabulate the quantity being deposited. The following regulation applies to the VMC's patterns: a) The VMC is still idle till a customer or perhaps owner starts to interact with the VMC. Every time a selection button is frustrated the VMC indicates the required amount required. b) In the event the full amount needed continues to be deposited in that case dispense the appropriate candy and display: Many thanks!. c) If an insufficient quantity (possibly zero) has been lodged then screen: remaining quantity needed. d) If an above amount continues to be deposited then dispense the proper candy and change and display: Thank You!. e) Finally, there exists a special selection that will allow the consumer to get a return of all the lodged money (coin return). Therefore, once the client deposits gold coins and makes a selection that matches the total amount deposited (or more) the candy is dispensed and he/she is going to retrieve the candy and alter (if applicable). The VMC owner unlocks the VMC to share the sweets and the modify and retrieves the profits in the money bin. Once the protection activities will be completed, the master will secure the VMC. Selection signifies that a button is definitely selected as well as deselected. Given the system requirements (above) for the vending machine, describe the machine using Zed. Vending Machine Maintenance

Crucial extract First deposit coin(s) Key insert


U = Under volume C = Correct volume O = Over sum S = Select tiny candy M = Choose medium candy L sama dengan Select large candy



U S/M /L

Deselect Retrieve candy (and change)



Celebrity t. 10 $. 10 S C

. 05

money. 05. 15

Under sum

. 05



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