Swot Analysis

 Swot Analysis Essay


The talents area of a SWOT research should concentrate on the internal components of an organization. It is where a spa might identify the strengths that currently has. For example , a few spas may possibly cite from this section quality customer service, low staff yield, high consumer referral prices, large product breadth, a unique spa experience, experienced workers and a sizable client base.

Weak points

The weaknesses area of a SWOT research examines the interior elements of a company. This section can be where a spa would recognize the areas in which it is poor. For example , several spas might cite through this section a great inconvenient business location, out dated or put on equipment, large overhead costs, a tiny client base or poor organizational leadership.


The opportunities area of a SWOT research should give attention to the exterior circumstances a business faces. The opportunities should range from community to isolated factors that may potentially bring about growth or perhaps improvement. In this section, a spa could identify chances for progress or improvement it currently possesses. For instance , some health spas may report in this section local human population growth, business tax offers, equipment selling price decreases or competitor health spas closing or perhaps relocating.


The dangers area of a SWOT evaluation analyzes the external circumstances an organization looks. The risks should vary from local to distant elements that could potentially harm or perhaps atrophy an organization. In this section, a health spa would discover the threats that could injury the spa's current growth or status quo. For example , a few spas may well cite from this section extravagance good taxes increases, an unhealthy economy, new competitors or do-it-yourself residence spa goods.

Building a SWOT Analysis

After writing out the strengths, weak points, opportunities, and threats portions, the next step is placing the information in a chart. To display a SWOT analysis, construct a two-by-two chart while using strengths classified by the top still left square, weak points listed in the best right sq, opportunities listed in the bottom still left square and threats listed in the bottom correct square (see References for examples).

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CPS: Test SWOT Evaluation (PDF)

University or college of St Francis: Marketing SWOT Research

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