The Effect of Social Media on the British Language

 The Effect of Social Media on the English Language Essay

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The Effect of Social Media around the English Language

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Giving the popularity of social networking sites lately, it has made a result on the English language language either in a confident way with the addition of new words and phrases to the book a negative approach by misusing the sentence structure and employing incorrect close words like turning " you're” to " your'. In this research proposal I would really prefer to investigate the particular effect of applying social networks has on the English language language and find out if it was more positive than negative and vice versa. I will be making a survey page to collect data on the way persons use these sites. Furthermore, we will have if persons know the significance of using correct English trying to make online communities improve each of our way of making use of the English dialect.


Technology has changed swiftly in the past five years, we all became even more reliant upon our iphones and it completely altered the way all of us communicate with each other in our everyday life, this made it simpler for us to interact with persons across the world with a single touch through online communities, such as Facebook, Facebook and YouTube. Technology is obviously having several impact on the English terminology and the terms we employ. Recently all of us saw how some Internet words have made it to the Oxford dictionary this proves the effect it manufactured, for example the word " Tweet” which means based on the dictionary: " a publishing made within the social networking services Twitter”. However , some people think that it is okay to wrong use Grammar or word transliteration on social networking sites, for instance, using " your” instead of " You're”. So do these sites produce a positive or maybe a negative effect on the The english language language?

Literature review:

A research titled " 5 Ways in which Social Media Rewards Writing the English language” written by Mallary Jean Tenore in 2013 mentioned several ways that social networking benefits composing and dialect, such as just how it boosts the awareness of mistakes, when people produce grammatical or spelling errors people can point these people out by way of these websites therefore we be aware of each of our spelling and grammar thus improving the language. She also talked about how it creates fresh words and meaning, such as " googled”, " tweeted”, " Friended”. She said that it also limelight short articles meaning that valued brief storytelling with Vine video clips where you have only six seconds to give some text and in myspace you only have got 140 characters to use which will forces one to make every word count number.

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One more research known as Social networking: educators blame Fb and Myspace for pupils' poor degrees written by Andy Bloxham this season, it discussed how educators blame Facebook and Myspace for kids's poor levels, he said kids spend too much time online which makes it harder for these to concentrate in the lecture, they become even more distracted and have shorter focus spans because researchers identified. Teachers are also very unsatisfied that college students are upgrading words just like " Tomorrow” to " 2mor” or " message” to " msg”, in addition, it discusses how a kids together with the poorest levels are the ones who take more time on social network sites. This exploration discusses just how social media impact the student at school.

Significance of Research:

This research is essential because it casts a light how people utilize English dialect in these sites some of them will be more aware of employing correct English and some are looking to save some time by simply shortening phrases and words. We have to keep an eye on which method it is going so do not lose each of our beloved English language.

Exploration Question:

Did social networking sites shape the...

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