The fantastic Gatsby

 The Great Gatsby Essay


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Component 1: Advantages

- And building plots

- Character types

Part 2: Influences around the novel

-- Historical framework

- Similarities between author's life plus the novel

Part 3: The American desire

- What is the American dream?

- Reflection of American dream for the Great Gatsby

- What can we study from the Great Gatsby?


Nick Carraway

 Novel's narrator, from


 Informed at Yale

 Fought in T. W. I

 Understands bond business.

 Genuine, tolerant

 Gatsby's neighbors

Nick Carraway by Tobey Maguire,

the truly amazing Gatsby motion picture 2013

The author Gatsby

 Protagonist

 Fabulously prosperous

 Features opulent mansion on

Long Island

 Known for throwing luxurious

parties every single Saturday night.

 No person knows in which he

comes from, what he truly does,

or just how he made his fortune.

Gatsby by Leonardo Dicarprio, the Great

Gatsby movie 2013

Daisy Buchanan

 Nick's cousin, the woman

Gatsby loves.

 Met Gatsby in her home

area before the conflict. Fell in

appreciate and guaranteed to wait to get


 She will not wait for

Gatsby, instead unites a

rich and powerful

business gentleman.

Daisy Buchanan by Carey Mulligan, the

Great Gatsby movie, 2013

Jordan Baker

 Daisy's good friend.

 Cynical, childish, and


 Beautiful but fraudulent

continuously bends the


Jordan Barker by At the

Debiki, the truly amazing Gatsby video,


To m M u c h a n a n

 Daisy's wealthy husband

 Handsome and powerfully


 By a " socially solid”


 Arrogant, hypocritical bully

 Social thinking: racist and


Mary Buchanan by Joel

Edgerton, the Great

Gatsby movie, 2013

M con r to l electronic Wi d s u n

 Tom's enthusiast, wife of any

run down storage area owner

inside the Valley of Ashes.

 Desperately actively seeks a

method to improve her

situation and

social status.

George Pat

 Myrtle's husband, the

owner of any run down vehicle

shop in the Valley of


 Loves and idealizes


Plot synopsis

 1922, Nick moves from

Minnesota to New york city.

 Computer chip rents a family house in

Western world Egg - " Fresh rich” live.

 Provides connections in East

Egg – " Old money” live.


Drives to East Egg to have dinner with Daisy

Meets Jordan Baker

Jordan explains to Nick that Tom has an affair.


 When coming back home, Nick sees his mysterious neighbor Jay Gatsby holding out his biceps and triceps toward the Long Island Sound.

 Nick looks out across the water, but perceives only a natural light blinking by the end of a boat dock on the much shore.

 Nick attends Gatsby's expensive Saturday evening party and meets Gatsby for the first time.

 Gatsby for yourself tells Michael jordan a story your woman describes as the utmost " amazing thing. "

Nick goes to lunch with

Gatsby and Gatsby's

business partner.

Nick meets with Jordan and

learns the " amazing" story

For Gatsby's request, Nick arranges a meeting among

Gatsby and Daisy. The two soon rediscover their like

 Daisy invites Chip and Gatsby to lunch.

 Mary realizes Daisy and Gatsby are having an affair.

 Tom insists they all head to New York City.

 Tom and Gatsby enter into an argument about Daisy.

 Tom in that case reveals that Gatsby manufactured his good fortune by bootlegging alcohol and other illegal means.

• Daisy realizes that her devotedness is to Jeff.

• Ben tells Daisy to go home with Gatsby, since this individual knows Gatsby won't " bother" her anymore.

• They keep in Gatsby's car.

• Tom, Nick, and The nike jordan

follow at some time later.

• As they drive home,

Mary, Nick, and Jordan

arrive upon an accident:

Myrtle continues to be hit and

killed by a car.

 Tom understands that it

need to have been

Gatsby's car that struck


 Chip learns from

Gatsby after that night

that Daisy was really

behind the wheel.

• George Wilson, is

convinced that Gatsby is

the murder and Myrtle's


•Wilson sets Gatsby to

death in the pool....

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