To The Grils Who also Are Going to College or university Tone Dissertation

 To The Grils Who Are Going to College Strengthen Essay

Annika La Vina


AP Lang, Cedarbaum 6

To Girls Who also Are Going to College or university by Sue Kelle­­­­r

In " To Girls Who also Are Going to College” by Sue Keller, Keller uses an overarching passionate tone that shifts coming from reminiscent to instructive in order to strengthen college women's assurance. Through repetition of the word " you”, Keller results in as expressive, almost like she is trying to recall her own memories in the eyes of the audience. By trying to reenact her memories as writing, Keller succeeds in drawing the group together to sympathize with college women. On the other hand, women imagine themselves through her memories and become reassured that everything will work away fine. Keller's reflective sculpt is mainly observed in the beginning of the essay, yet her reminiscence carries on through the whole verse. As the nostalgia begins to fade away for the end from the reading, Keller transitions right into a more commanding, motherly type role and takes advantage of the use of imperative words and phrases to persuade college girls to follow her, while not sounding too aggressive. Sentences get started with authoritative verbs and be into bits of advice, including " tend not to forget”, " Learn from your books”, and " Rebel against the solidity and injustice”. Keller claims her suggestions in a more friendly and caring way, which enables the audience to obey her advice without thinking she's too authoritative. In return, university women feel empowered by her insights and gain strength prior to the school year. Helen Keller manages approach the audience through her enthusiasm by duplication and action-word usage. By connecting her own memories with the long term, Keller enables women to find out things through her individual eyes. Your woman helps them realize, through use of an overarching passionate tone, that many things will never be expected, but for still push through either way.


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