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Situation Analysis

Ice-Fili is a Russian ice cream producer who can endure during the difficult experience in Russia while some rivals left the market. Since Russian ice cream industry became more competitive, Ice-Fili tried to maintain steadily its market share leadership among household, regional, foreign producers. Value chain examination and SWOT were done below. Benefit chain evaluation was executed to show the capabilities with the firm in various activities.


Firm infrastructure- Ice-Fili employed both elderly and newly imported equipment to produce the large varieties of ice cream with top quality.

Human Resource Management-compensation structure based on qualification, hardship, hazards, overtime, however,, and individual initiative can easily encourage staff member to put more willingness to work so that it can increase productivity.

Technology Development-Due to using recently import gear, it can present flexibility in producing various types of ice creams and expands to other catalog such as mayonnaise.

Procurement-depend in 3-4 suppliers for each of its key ice cream elements. Low negotiating power of suppliers as it is readily available new types.

Inbound logistic

-use its cold storage space & development capabilities to keep up its quality.

-import raw material to get production and packaging from many countries


-emphasize on producing large variety of snow creams with high quality natural ingredients.

Outbound logistic

-Ice-Fili uses three main distributors to distribute to retailers in accordance to exhibit 15.

Marketing & Sale

-TV advertising campaign.

-Russian advertising firm was employed to develop the labels.

-retailers place ice cream buggies on the street during summer


-provide the refrigerators that have firm's logo design to suppliers


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