Video Leasing System

 Essay on Video Local rental System

Video Rental System

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This days our life is modernize by the computer systems and some high-technology. Particularly consist of video rental shop is performed it by hand. We all know that computerizing the daily deal, is more conveniently and for faster work in accommodations shop. We hope that we develop online website that will smaller the newspaper and manual records. A process that is completely computerized, useful, time effective and well-organized system. We all plan to brought to the online users, that will give all about the information the products and service. This video leasing system job will help it stores to create their business more efficient in terms of sales.

The video rental industry is an ever evolving industry that changes with the economy, Progression of traditions and technology and visible in the business, the clients must be willing to evolve. The aid of the computer and something that is totally computerized user friendly, Time effective and well organized, is indeed very useful in noticing this pursuit. And also the video rental market is well-known in the business, as a result of most watch movies and videos in the country, that people love it many.

1 . Qualifications of the organization

Our company starts in renting, some CDs, Digital video disks, and VHS for rent. We started in the business in the late 90s, as we continue in our growing video leasing business known as the " X. Con. Z. Company”. The business was started the consumer did not take into account such quick growth on the market place. As a result in our difficulty, the existing application will not size of carry out to the targets of the business needs.

Back button. Y. Z .. Company needs an online computer software that will take care of all aspects of rental, revenue, customers, and inventory. They require that this information be stored in a central repository and is updated, and accessed by any of its branch. We provides high quality and most dependable videos in the industry.

2 . Backdrop of the program

If there is a brand new customer, they will accessed within our system or even

They may be visiting each of our branch for some information inside our system. 1 benefit inside our system is they can watch the trailer, the different movie that we get. And also they can easily search and brows the films that they need to watch.

However , to be able to rent a movie He/she must subscribe for any membership the consumer should be able to receive the movie simply by post, In addition , the customer will be able to see his rental history and also acquire an email e-newsletter from the system, containing reports about movies and new DVD emits.

3. Assertion of targets

1 . Basic Objectives

Simply by implementing our bodies, the owner will have a competitive advantage more than other online video stores and a greater general productivity with regards to sale.

2 . Specific Targets

• Developing a new program better than the current system.

• Manage to build-up a friendly environment to consumers.

• Enhance the marketing of video rental to near-by neighborhoods.

• To create a movie leasing store whose goal should be to exceed consumer expectation,

1 . 4Scope and limitations of the system

installment payments on your Statement of assumptions

three or more. The Proposed System

1 ) Description from the system

2 . Data Movement diagram

several. 2

Data Flow Picture





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